Little dick pics

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  • 07 Jul 2013
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Video title: Little dick pics
Video size: 140MB
Video length: 3 minutes
Video quality: 1280X720
Video format: WMV

Video description: Chloe James is real mean in this video, she tells you to pull your dick out, and when you do she laughs and laughs at how small it is, she says lots of mean things and calls you a little dick loser. But then it gets worse! She takes a photo of your little dick and then sends it to her girlfriends who all laugh at you also, and send your little dick pics to all their girlfriends - How humiliating!

Chloe looks so fucking hot in this video, check out her huge tits and tight tank top, you can watch her tits bounce and she laughs her ass off at your tiny little dick:

Chloe sends out your little dick pic to all her girlfriends and tells you how they are all going to laugh and humiliate you for having a tiny little micro dick:

Watch Chloe laugh and laugh and she takes photos of your little dick and then humiliates you further by sending your tiny dick pics to all her hot girlfriends!

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